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Pitts S-2 Special airplane model. The Pitts Special is one of the world's best aerobatic aircraft, on the USA the Pitts Special has won more unlimited class championships than any other plane. Curtis H. Pitts started to design the Pitts Special in 1942 at Jacksonville, Florida. The first Pitts Special, powered by a Franklin 90 hp engine, flew for the first time during 1944. Over the next 25 years, the Pitts Special was available only as a homebuilt aircraft. Over this period, it was continuously refined to improve her aerobatic performance. By 1962, the standard engine had grown to 180 hp, and in 1966 her wings adopted a symmetric profile to make inverted flight characteristics equal to those of normal flying.

In 1970, a factory was formed under the name Pitts Aerobatics at the city of Afton, Wyoming. The first Pitts Special S-2A was assembled at Afton during 1971. During the 70s, the Pitts was certified under the requirement of FAR Part 23, under the aerobatic category. On 1977 Curtis Pitts sold his rights, so that actually the S-2B was really designed by Herb Anderson, chief engineer of Pitts Aerobatics (currently Aviat) during the early 80s and is currently the most popular version of this fine aircraft. The company Aviat Inc. purchased the rights of the Pitts Special on March 1991, currently named Aviat Aircraft Inc. The Pitts Special is still in production at the same factory at Afton, Wyoming.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/16. Wingspan 16 inches, Length 15 inches.