P-51 Mustang / Flying Undertaker

P-51 Mustang / Flying Undertaker

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North American P-51 Mustang Flying Undertaker airplane model. Providing high-altitude escort to B-17s and B-24s, they scored heavily over German interceptors and by war's end, P-51s had destroyed 4,950 enemy aircraft in the air, more than any other fighter in Europe. Mustangs served in nearly every combat zone, including the Pacific where they escorted B-29s to Japan from Iwo Jima. Between 1941-5, the AAF ordered 14,855 Mustangs (including A-36A dive bomber and F-6 photo recon versions), of which 7,956 were P-51Ds.
,,,,,,,,,,Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 19 inches.