Cessna O-1 Birdog airplane model Army

O-1 Bird Dog / US Army

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Cessna O-1 305 Birdog Army airplane model. The Defense Department ordered 3,200 L-19s that were built between 1950 and 1959. The planes were used in various utility roles such as artillery spotting, front-line communications, medevac and training. During the Vietnam War, the planes were used for reconnaissance and forward air control.

It received the name of "Bird Dog" as a result of a contest held with Cessna employees to name the aircraft. The winning contestant was Jack A. Swayze, an industrial photographer. The name was chosen because of its indication of the reconnaissance mission of the aircraft, as well as its indication of reliability and friendliness.

Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 16 1/2 inches, Length 12 inches