Gulfstream HALO I

Gulfstream HALO I

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HALO Gulfstream airplane model. The High ALtitude Observatory (HALO), is an instrumented Gulfstream IIb twin engine jet aircraft maintained by the United States Army Space and Strategic Defense Command as an optical data collection platform. Capable of operating above 50,000 feet, the HALO's diverse and flexible sensor suite has provided infrared, optical and ultraviolet data on numerous SDIO, NASA and DOD test programs.

The HALO contains three optical platforms, the first of which contains the Infrared Instrumentation System (IRIS), the primary HALO sensor, while the second and third can be custom configured with a wide variety of UV, visible and infrared sensors. Included in the HALO sensor suite are calibrated UV/Visible ICCD imagers, spectrometers, high speed video cameras, uncalibrated film and video sensors and an infrared spectroradiometer.

Mahogany wood. Wingspan 13 inches, Length 14 inches.