Bell 206 / Air Evac

Bell 206 / Air Evac

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Air Evac Bell 206 helicopter model. The 206L Long Ranger is a stretched variant with seating for seven (the Long Ranger, stretched a total of 30 inches, adds two rear-facing seats in between the front and rear seats). Since their first delivery in 1975, Bell has produced more than 1,700 L's across all variant types. In 1981 a military version was released, the 206L "Texas Ranger". The original 206L utilized a Allison 250-C20B engine, and a series of model upgrades replaced this engine with more powerful versions, the 206L-1 used a 250-C28 and the 206L-3 and 206L-4 used the 250-C30P with 490 shaft horsepower.

In 2007, Bell announced an upgrade program for the 206L-1 and 206L-3 which is designed to modify the aircraft to the 206L-4 configuration, modified aircraft are designated 206L-1+ and 206L-3+. Modifications include strengthened airframe structural components (including a new tail boom), improved transmission, upgraded engine for the L-1, all of which result in a max gross weight increase of 300 pounds and increased performance.

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/32. Length 15 inches.