AIM-4 Falcon missile desk model

AIM-4 Falcon

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AIM-4 Falcon desk model. The Falcon AIM-4 was the first operation air-to-air missile used by the US Air Force. The original project name given this missile by the Hughes Corporation was MX-798. The missiles themselves were originally called GAR-1, but in the 1960s the designation changed to AIM-4. There were two main variations: the AIM-4A, C, and D could reach speeds of MACH 3 and the AIM-4F and G made it to MACH 4. While the development of these missiles began in 1946, the first one was not active in the US service until 1956. This missile had heat seeking, laser, and radar guidance systems on it. It was also capable of carrying a small nuclear warhead. In the 1980s the Falcon Missile was phased out and retired from service in the US Military.

Scale: 1/6. Length 13 inches.