AGM-69 SRAM desk model


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AGM-69 SRAM missile model. The AGM attack missile or SRAM (Short Range Attack Missile) was the first strategic weapon carried by FB-111A and B-52 manned bombers. Its small size enabled carrying bombers to fly at subsonic or supersonic speeds. The AGM attack missile was developed and produced by the Boeing Aerospace Company and came armed with a nuclear warhead and equipped with an inertial guidance system that boosted its range to a maximum of 50 nautical miles. The installed guidance systems allowed for individually programmed flights, and the missiles were capable of changing direction even after launch. The main goal of the AGM attack missile was the improvement of the survivability of the SAC manned bomber force through the "neutralization of surface-to-air missile defenses." It was later also given the responsibility of destroying selected strategic targets.

Scale: 1/15. Length 12 inches.