AGM-154 JSOW display model


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 AGM-154 JSOW display model. The AGM Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) was a cost-effective but highly lethal glide bomb in the 1,000-lb class. It was a kinematically efficient air-to-ground missile that provided standoff capabilities from a low-altitude launch of 15 nautical miles to high-altitude launches of 40 nautical miles. Its modular design provides extra flexibility, allowing it to carry a variety of sub-munitions, unitary warheads, or non-lethal payloads. The AGM JSOW glide bomb is a launch-and-leave weapon designed to be used against various land and sea targets, operating outside the range of enemy point defenses. It utilizes tightly coupled GPS/ INS and is capable of operating night and day, even in adverse weather conditions. The AGM JSOW glide bomb is still in production today by Raytheon for the US Navy and Air Force.

Scale: 1/13. Length 12 inches.