Sea Harrier / Royal Navy

Sea Harrier / Royal Navy

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The FA2 is a single seat multi-role day/night all-weather aircraft, whose roles in Air Defence and Surface Attack are interchangeable according to the tactical requirement. It is the only true multi-role jet aircraft in service in the UK inventory. Optimised for operations from ships at sea, it's short take-off and vertical landing capability has dramatically enhanced the ability of the Invincible class of Aircraft Carriers to project air power in support of UK interests worldwide.

The FA2 (Fighter Attack) is a development of its predecessor the Sea Harrier FRS1 (Fighter/ Reconnaissance/Strike) concentrating on the avionics and weapons system of the aircraft giving it a much improved air-to-air combat capability, essential to its main task of providing a carrier group with air defence. The Blue Vixen radar coupled with the medium range AIM-120 AMRAAM missile gives the FA2 the ability to engage hostile aircraft before they come into visual range. Although the main task of the FA2 was air defence it had the capability to be used in the ground attack role, however, the GR7/GR9 would be the first choice of aircraft for this type of mission.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/36. Wingspan 11 inches, Length 16 inches.