P-3 Orion / Low Viz scheme

P-3 Orion / Low Viz scheme

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P-3C Orion airplane model. In August 1957, the urgency of the US Navy's need for an advanced ASW/maritime patrol aircraft was such that they were willing to consider a modified civilian airplane for the role. Lockheed's response was a variant of the L-188 Electra, securing an initial research and development contract on May 8, 1958. The inaugural flight of the production Orion occurred on April 15, 1961, and the Navy received its first delivery on August 13, 1962. While maintaining the Electra's basic airframe, the Orion was distinguished by a fuselage shortened by 7 feet 4 inches, equipped with a large weapons bay, and updated avionics and utility systems. It could carry mines, depth charges, torpedoes, or nuclear weapons in the bay, and featured 10 underwing pylons for various armaments. Over the 30 years following its introduction, the Orion saw major updates primarily in avionics, with over 640 units produced before the end of its production in 1995. The aircraft served in multiple countries. The P-3C model was equipped with four Allison T56-A-14 turboprops, each producing 4,910 shp, achieving a top speed of 473 mph, a patrol speed of 237 mph, and a maximum mission radius of 2,383 miles.

Scale: 1/85. Wingspan 14 inches, Length 16 1/4 inches.