Me-109 Luftwaffe airplane model

Me-109 / Luftwaffe

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Messerschmitt Me-109 model plane. Fly the Me-109 / Luftwaffe in style! This beautiful hand-carved, mahogany wood airplane model features an exquisite paint job, perfect for the aviation enthusiast. Its finely crafted details bring a touch of history and class to your collection. Soar with the Me-109 today!

The Me-109 was the standard fighter of the Luftwaffe for the duration of WWII, although it began to be partially replaced by the Focke-Wulf Fw-190 from 1942. The Bf 109 scored more aircraft kills in World War Two than any other aircraft. At various times it served as an air superiority fighter, an escort fighter, an interceptor, a ground-attack aircraft and a reconnaissance aircraft. The Bf 109 was produced in greater quantities than any other fighter aircraft in history, with over 31,000 units built. Although the Bf 109 had weaknesses, including a short range of around 360 miles (580 km) on internal fuel and a sometimes difficult to handle narrow, outward-retracting undercarriage, it stayed competitive with Allied fighter aircraft until the end of the war.

This model is painted to reflect the Emil version as used during the Battle of Britain.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/24. Wingspan 16 1/4 inches, Length 14 1/2 inches.