McDonnell Douglas MD-90 / Company Scheme

McDonnell Douglas MD-90 / Company Scheme

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MD-90 airplane model. The MD-90 is the largest member of the Douglas/McDonnell Douglas/Boeing DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/717 family, and is a stretched, IAE V2500 powered development of the MD-80.

Most important of the changes introduced on the MD-90 are the two V2500 turbofans. At 111kN (25,000lb) thrust on the MD-90-30, the V2500s are the largest, heaviest and most powerful engines to be rear mounted on any airliner yet. More importantly though, the V2500 is highly regarded for its efficiency and fuel economy.

Following the 1997 merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, Boeing announced that MD-90 production will cease once current orders are fulfilled (due in mid 1999).

Scale: 1/100. Wingspan 13 inches, Length 18 1/2 inches.