PBA Martin 404 airplane model

Martin 404 / PBA

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Martin 404 PBA airplane model. Attempting to gain a share of the post-World War II demand for civil airliners, the Glenn L. Martin Company flew the prototype of a twin-engine 36-40 seat transport airplane designated Martin 2-0-2 on November 22, 1946, entering service in 1947. Also in 1947, Martin had flown another prototype airplane called the 3-0-3, but as a result of the loss of a 2-0-2 in 1948 due to wing structural failure, it was decided instead to develop a new Martin 4-0-4. This airplane incorporated the wing structural revisions and introduced a pressurized and slightly lengthened fuselage, accommodating as standard a crew of three or four and 40 passengers. When production ended in early 1953 a total of 103 airplanes had been built. The 4-0-4 used two 2,400-hp Pratt &amp, Whitney R-2800-CB16 radial piston engines giving the airplane a maximum speed of 312 mph at 14,500 feet, service ceiling of 29,000 feet, and a range with maximum payload of 1,080 miles.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 15 5/8 inches, Length 12 5/8 inches.