M-130 China Clipper Pan Am model

M-130 China Clipper

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Martin M-130 Flying Boat airplane model.  The China Clipper inaugurated mail service to the Pacific on November 22, 1935, flying from Alameda Seaplane Base in San Francisco Bay before a crowd of 25,000. The inaugural flight to Manila was a momentous occasion. Although the S-42 had paved the way for Pacific air travel, the extra fuel necessary to fly from North America to Hawaii made it impossible for the S-42 to carry passengers. The M-130 was larger and heavier than the S-42 weighing 26 tons, and it carried more fuel. Even on the long leg to Hawaii, the M-130 was able to carry 41 passengers, 9 more than the S-42. On October 21, 1936, the M-130 commenced passenger service and immediately became the premier way to travel first class. The planes were luxuriously appointed, serving full course meals on linen and China, and offering a lounge and sleeping compartment to break the monotony of long flights.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 21 inches, Length 15 inches.