Lockheed L382 L-100 C-130 Lynden Cargo

Lockheed L382 L-100 C-130 Lynden Cargo

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Lynden Cargo L382G airplane model. Lockheed's L-100 freighters are the civil equivalents of the venerable military C-130 Hercules, and have proven to be of great utility, particularly in undeveloped countries. Lockheed initiated design of the Hercules in response to a 1951 US Air Force requirement for a turboprop powered freighter. This resulted in the C-130 Hercules, which first flew in prototype form on August 23 1954. Design features included the high mounted wing, four Allison 501/T56 turboprops and the rear loading freight ramp. The USAF ordered the C-130 into series production in September 1952, and since that time more than 2500 have been built. The C-130's appeal to freight operators led Lockheed to develop a civil version. The first commercial versions were based on the C-130E model, and a demilitarized demonstrator first flew in April 1964.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 22 inches, Length 17 inches.