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GBU-31 JDAM desk model. The GBU-31 JDAM Bomb was a guided weapon for air-to-surface functionality. The term JDAM stands for Joint Direct Attach Munitions, which work as a guiding kit to transform unguided bombs (also called Dumb Bombs) to smart munitions that can operate on all-weather conditions. Bombs that are equipped with the JDAM technology are directed by an integrated system coupled with a GPS receiver. This feature gives the system up to 15 nautical miles of published range. The GBU-31 JDAM Bomb weighs about 2000 pounds. Although JDAM is cannot do stand-alone, it is compatible with many types of aircraft, and it is integrated to an advanced guidance package. The main components of this super weapon include a body strake kit, a tail section with control surfaces that are aerodynamic, and combined GPS and inertial guidance package.

Length: 16 1/2 inches

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