F4U Corsair custom painted airplane model

F4U Corsair Marine Corps

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Vought F4U Corsair airplane model. The first F4U-4 was delivered to the US Navy on 31 October 1944. The F4U-4 was powered by C-series Double Wasp engine. The installed model was the R-2800-18W, later replaced by the R-2800-42W. It had a war emergency power of 2760hp. A four-bladed propeller replaced the three-bladed one of the F4U-1. A chin scoop was added to the underside of the engine cowling. The F4U-4 could reach a speed of 726km/h.

The F4U-4 arrived late in WWII and served only during the last four months of the conflict. The battle test for the F4U-4 was the Korean War. Here the type served mainly as a fighter-bomber, but nevertheless one pilot, Capt. J. Folmar of VMA-312, was credited with shooting down a MiG-15.

Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 17 1/2 inches, Length 14 inches.