Boeing B-52G Stratofortress / USAF

Boeing B-52G Stratofortress / USAF

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B-52G Stratofortress airplane model. The B-52G was a designed to reduce the overall aircraft weight in an effort to improve performance. The most obvious change was the redesigned tail. About 8 feet of the vertical stabilizer was removed and the chord (width) was increased. The wing was extensively modified also. The seal-sealing bladder-type fuel cells were removed and the wing itself was sealed for fuel (wet wing). The tail gunner's position was moved from the tail turret to a remote firing station in the forward crew compartment.

Boeing (Wichita) built all 193 B-52G with the first aircraft rolling out of the production plant in the summer of 1958. The -G model was capable of carrying two AGM-28 "Hound Dog" missiles like the -F model, but it was also equipped to carry the GAM-87 "Skybolt" and later the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) and the Short Range Attack Missile (SRAM).

The B-52G was used extensively in the 1991 during operation Desert Storm before being phased out of operational service in 1994.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/110. Wingspan 19 1/2 inches, Length 17 inches.