AH-1F Cobra helicopter gunship model

Bell AH-1F Cobra

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Bell AH-1F Cobra helicopter model. Be the proud owner of a handcrafted, mahogany wood replica of the iconic AH-1F Cobra Army helicopter! Make a statement in your home and show your admiration for this iconic aircraft. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail create a truly remarkable model that you won’t find anywhere else!

Developed from the Huey transport helicopter, the Cobra was the first purpose-built helicopter gunship to enter military service. It was the mainstay of U.S. Army attack aviation from its combat debut in South Vietnam during 1967 until replaced by the AH-64 Apache in the 1980s and ‘90s. Versions of the Cobra continue to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps and the armed forces of many nations.

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/32, Rotorspan: 16.5 inches Length: 16 inches