Beechcraft 58 Baron model

Beechcraft 58 Baron

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Beechcraft 58 Twin Bonanza airplane model. Experience luxury, be the envy of friends, and own the perfect conversation piece with the custom-built Beechcraft 58 Baron mahogany wood model. Its intricate detail and vibrant paint job make it a timeless piece to admire and a great addition to any home.

When the first light twin appeared in the 1950s, aviation enthusiasts quickly recognized it as the height of personal air transportation. More than 50 years later, the Baron 58 serves as an excellent example of why that's still true. The Baron 58 was beautifully designed with both comfort and safety in mind. But it's not just another pretty plane with full fuel, a Baron 58 can carry up to 931 pounds of people or cargo for 1,340 nautical miles with 45 minutes reserve. Twin 300-hp TCM IO-550-C, six-cylinder, fuel-injected engines provide enough power to take off with a scant 1,400 feet ground run and climb at over 1,700 feet per minute, even fully loaded. The Baron carries payload further and faster than any other piston twin currently manufactured.

Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 14 1/2 inches, Length 11 1/2 inches.