AGM-12 Bullpup model

AGM-12 Bullpup

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The AGM Bullpup missile is the first successful command-guided tactical air-to-ground missile of the US Navy and Air Force. As such, it was produced in large numbers and went through several versions. The basic design was that of a joystick- controlled, rocket-powered missile that was equipped with visual tracking and radio-transmitted command guidance. The first variant of the AGM Bullpup missile was the ASM-N-7. It was later re-designated the AGM-12B Bullpup-A, after which, a much-improved version was produced in the form of the AGM-12C Bullpup B. This improved version carried a 1,000-pound semi-armor-piercing warhead. The next version, the AGM-12D was a nuclear version that had the capability to carry either a conventional or nuclear warhead. The latest version, the AGM-12E, carried a cluster bomb warhead designed for use against anti-aircraft sites.

Scale: 1/13. Length 12 inches.