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T-39 Sabreliner / USAF

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North American T-39 Sabreliner USAF airplane model. Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship of this USAF T-39 Sabreliner model, expertly hand-made to recreate the majesty of flight. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts, this stunningly detailed piece is sure to make a bold addition to any home or office. Let history take flight with this one of a kind model!

The T-39 was developed by North American Aviation Inc. as a private venture to meet a USAF requirement for a twin jet utility trainer. The prototype T-39 made its first flight on September 16, 1958. In January 1959, the USAF placed a production order and on June 30, 1960, the first production T-39A made its initial flight. In all, 143 T-39As and 6 T-39Bs were built for the USAF.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 16 1/2 inches, Length 17 inches.

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