SR-71 Blackbird airplane model

SR-71 Blackbird

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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird airplane model. Introducing the SR-71 Blackbird: the perfect desktop model aircraft crafted with the utmost care and quality. It's a perfect addition for any aviation enthusiast, making an eye-catching display in your home or office. Soar into the sky with this wonderful model!

The SR-71 was designed by a team of Lockheed personnel led by Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, at that time vice president of the company's Advanced Development Projects, known as the "Skunk Works." The first version, a CIA reconnaissance aircraft that first flew in April 1962 was called the A-11. The similar A-12 had a lower radar cross section. An interceptor version was developed in 1963 under the designation YF-12A. A USAF reconnaissance variant, called the SR-71, was first flown in 1964. The A-12 and SR-71 designs included leading and trailing edges made of high-temperature fiberglass-asbestos laminates which among other features contributed to their reduced radar signature. Its existence was publicly announced by President Lyndon Johnson on Feb. 29, 1964, when he announced that an A-11 had flown at sustained speeds of over 2000 mph during tests at Edwards, California.

Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 9 1/4 inches, Length 18 inches.