Bell 206 helicopter model

Bell Helicopter 206 Jet Ranger

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Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter model. Bell created the Long Ranger to provide a light helicopter with increased capacity and utility beyond the Jet Ranger. Bell revealed its development of an extended Jet Ranger in September 1973, with the subsequent Model 206L making its inaugural flight on September 11, 1974, and entering production in early 1975. The Long Ranger accommodates two additional passengers compared to the Jet Ranger, featuring a more robust engine and the Noda Matic transmission suspension system for enhanced passenger comfort. Later models include the 206L1 Long Ranger II, launched in 1978, the 206L3 Long Ranger III, and the latest 206L4 Long Ranger IV, introduced in 1992.

Scale: 1/30. Length: 14 inches. Rotor: 14.5 inches

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