Gulfstream G150 airplane model

Gulfstream G150

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Gulfstream G150 airplane model. The Gulfstream G150, manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries, began production in 2005 and quickly became a favorite in the mid-size market. With the longest range at the fastest speed and an advanced avionics suite, the G150 provides the most value in its class.

A total of 123 Gulfstream G150 aircraft have been manufactured with 119 of them in operation. Gulfstream Aerospace recently announced it has sold the last Gulfstream G150 in 2017, marking the end of the aircraft's production run of almost 10 years. The best-in-class in the mid-sized aircraft category, the G150 proudly upholds the Gulfstream tradition.

Scale: 1/48. Wingspan 14 1/2 inches, Length 15 inches.