Fletcher Class Destroyer - Round Bridge

Fletcher Class Destroyer - Round Bridge

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The name "Fletcher Class" is almost synonymous with the word "destroyer" when used in the context of World War II. This outstanding class was the largest class of destroyers ever built with 175 hulls being commissioned. Started by DD-445 "USS Fletcher" whose hull was laid down at Kearny, NY in October 1941, the last ship in the class was DD-804 "USS Rooks" - commissioned in September, 1944. Preceded by the Gleaves Class, the Fletcher Class was succeeded by the Allen M. Sumner Class.

The Fletcher Class was one of the pre-eminent destroyer classes of all time and the mainstay of the WWII destroyer fleet. They were the largest destroyers of their day (over 900 tons heavier than the Gleaves class, standard weight) and were the first destroyers equipped with radar. This huge class of ships performed every kind of duty in every theatre of WWII and - after the war - served with many nations including the United States.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/192. Length 24 inches.