F-4E George AFB Scalecraft airplane model

F-4E Phantom / 35 TFW

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McDonnell Douglas F-4E USAF Phantom II airplane model. Experience the classic American fighter with this awe-inspiring hand carved, hand painted F-4E Phantom from the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing. Its stunningly detailed design brings the excitement of aviation right to your home.

McDonnell Douglas produced 5,057 F-4's of which 1370 were F-4E's. Mitsubishi received 11 F-4 kits and built 127 of their F-4EJ's under license bringing the total to 5,195 airframes. The USAF ordered 993 -E models, but more than 100 were diverted or direct delivered to other nations. The F-4 was flown by the USAF, US Navy, US Marine Corps, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Germany, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/48. Wingspan 10 inches, Length 16 1/2 inches.