Citation X airplane model

Citation X

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Cessna Citation X airplane model. The Citation X is Cessna's largest, fastest and longest range aircraft yet, and Cessna claims it to be the fastest civil transport in service other than the supersonic Concorde.

The Citation X (as in the Roman numeral, not the letter, and Cessna's Model 750) is also the largest member of business aviation's biggest corporate jet family, the Citation series.

Cessna announced that it was developing the Citation X in October 1990 at that year's NBAA conference. The prototype was publicly rolled out in September 1993 and flew for the first time on December 21 that year. Certification was granted on June 3 1996, with the first customer delivery (to golfer Arnold Palmer) that month.

Solid Resin. Scale: 1/40. Wingspan 19 1/4 inches, Length 21 3/4 inches.