Cessna CJ3 (model 525B)

Cessna CJ3 (model 525B)

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Cessna Citation CJ3 airplane model. The Cessna Citation CJ3 (Model 525B) is part of the Citation business jet family. It is a stretch extension of the&nbsp,CJ2, which itself was a stretch of the&nbsp,CJ1 The aircraft was unveiled in September 2002 at the&nbsp,National Business Aviation Association&nbsp,(NBAA) convention. It took its first and second flight on the same day on April 17, 2003. It was FAA&nbsp,certified in October 2004 and delivery of the CJ3 began in December of that year.

The CJ3's cabin comes standard with six club seats in a center-style configuration, although it is customizable to the owner's specs. The cockpit was originally designed for a single-pilot operation, but it can accommodate up to two crew members. Its flight deck is composed of a state of the art&nbsp,avionics system&nbsp,which was built by&nbsp,Rockwell Collins. It has external baggage access for added convenience. There is also a cabin baggage compartment which is accessible in flight. It also features a trailing-link tricycle landing gear.
Scale: 1/40. Wingspan 16 inches, Length 15 1/2 inches.