Allegheny Commuter airplane model

Shorts 360 / Allegheny Commuter

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Allegheny Commuter SH-360 airplane model. The Shorts 360 is a stretched, larger capacity and improved 36 seat derivatives of the 30 seat Shorts 330.

The relative success of the rugged Shorts 330 prompted the Northern Ireland based manufacturer to study and subsequently develop a stretched derivative. Shorts announced it was developing the new airliner in mid 1980, and a prototype 360 flew for the first time almost a year later on June 1 1981.

The first production 360 flew in August 1982 and certification was awarded on September 3 that year. The 360 entered service with Suburban Airlines in the US in November 1982.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/48. Wingspan 19 inches, Length 18 inches.