McDonnell Douglas F-15D Eagle (signed)

McDonnell Douglas F-15D Eagle (signed)

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On October 14, 1947, General (then Captain) Charles E. "Chuck" Yearger became the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound. At 10:30 AM on that fall morning, Chuck piloted a Bell X-1 rocket plane to a speed of Mach 1.06 or 700 mph @ 43,000 feet above the high desert of California.

On the 50th anniversary of this event, Chuck commemorated it by flying the F-15D, Glamorous Glennis through the sound barrier at the exact time and place.

This detailed replica is made to celebrate that event. It is modeled after the F-15D that Chuck Yeager flew. It is personally signed by Yeager on the top wing and includes a picture, special display stand and historical letter. LIMITED EDITION.