GBU-43 MOAB desktop display model

GBU-43 MOAB Bomb

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GBU-43 MOAB bomb desktop display model. The GBU bomb is an extremely powerful and accurately delivered Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB). Also known as the Mother of All Bombs, it delivers the 18,700lb BLU-120/B warhead bomb with KMU-593/B GPS/INS, and is the largest-ever satellite-guided, air-delivered weapon in history. The GBU bomb is equipped with fins and inertial gyro for controlling pitch and roll but is mostly GPS-guided. Its design allows high-altitude release, which in turn, allows for greater stand-off range for the delivery vehicle. This powerful guided bomb was designed for the US Air Force as a replacement for the Daisy Cutters used in Vietnam and Afghanistan. In essence, the GBU bomb is a larger version of the Daisy Cutter that is equipped with a guidance system. It is intended for use against hard-target entrances, soft-to-medium surface targets, and for anti-personnel purposes.

Length 15 inches.