Republic Airlines DC-9 model airplane

Douglas DC-9-15 Republic Airlines

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Douglas DC-9 Republic Airlines airplane model. Travel the skies in style with the Douglas DC-9-15 Republic Airlines! This detailed model provides a realistic representation of the real craft, allowing you to appreciate the design and engineering of this classic plane. Soar with the iconic look and let your imagination take off.

No other airliner in history has undergone more development than the prolific DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/717 series, which started life with the 70 seat DC-9-10 of the early sixties. Douglas developed the DC-9 as a short range airliner complementing the much larger DC-8. Development was launched on April 8 1963, with a launch order from Delta following soon after. The DC-9 was an all-new design, featuring rear fuselage mounted engines, a T-tail, moderately swept wings and seats for up to 90 passengers in a five abreast fuselage. 

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 14.5 inches. Length 16 inches.