Cessna T303 Crusader model airplane

Cessna 303 Crusader

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Cessna T303 Crusader airplane model. The Crusader is overall a very simple aircraft to fly. And because of all of the wind tunnel testing, there aren’t many surprises. Really the only one that pilots regularly mention is pitch control throughout the entire flight envelope. A lot of backstick pressure is required to get the nose off of the runway at takeoff, and then without much warning, it just jumps into the air! Pilots then have to ease forward to get the nose back down to takeoff attitude. The gear configuration is partly to blame for this; the mains are located well aft to keep the aircraft from tipping onto its tail when CG is at the back of the envelope.

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 14.5 inches, Length 12 inches.