Cessna 172 Cutlass airplane models

Cessna 172 Cutlass

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Cessna 172 Cutlass RG airplane model. A retractable version of Cessna’s ever-popular Skyhawk was introduced in late 1979. Designated the Cutlass RG, it carries 180-hp in the nose, 20-hp more than its sister ship. Even with the addition of retractable gear mechanisms, the Cutlass achieves an impressive 14.7 pounds/hp power loading ratio, compared to 14.4 for the Skyhawk or the Piper Arrow IV and Beech Sierra at 13.75 pounds/hp. Everything from the firewall back and the belly upward is 172. The gear is the same used in the Skylane RG and can be operated at anytime under 161 mph, taking about five seconds to cycle.

Mahogany wood. Scale 1/24. Wingspan 18 inches, Length 13 1/4 inches.