727 Alaska Golden Nugget jet model airplane

Boeing 727-200 Golden Nugget Alaska

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Boeing 727-100 Golden Nugget airplane model. The first 727-100 (N7001U) flew on February 9, 1963. FAA type approval was awarded on December 24 of that year, with initial delivery to United Airlines on October 29, 1963, to allow pilot training to commence. The first 727 passenger service was flown by Eastern Air Lines on February 1, 1964, between Miami, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

A total of 571 Boeing 727-00/100 series aircraft were delivered, the last in October 1972. One 727-100 was retained by Boeing, bringing total production to 572.

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/100. Wingspan 13 inches, Length 16 inches