Boeing 377 Startocrusier Pan Am model plane

Boeing 377 Stratocrusier / Pan American

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Boeing 377 Pan American airplane model. Experience the classic elegance of the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser with this beautiful desktop display model! Fly into the past with this intricate yet delicate replica, perfect for any airplane enthusiast. Add a sense of nostalgia to your office or home!

The Boeing 377 was a commercial transport development of the Model 367 (military C-97). The first flight of the prototype was made on July 8, 1947, and was subsequently delivered to Pan American, to become the biggest user of the Stratocruiser. There were a variety of interior configurations accommodating from 55 to 112 passengers, or, if equipped as a "sleeper", with 28 upper and lower berth units plus five seats. The main cabin was in the upper lobe of the 'double-bubble' fuselage, with a luxury lounge or cocktail bar seating 14 on the lower deck, reached via a spiral staircase. A total of 55 B-377s were built and disappeared from service during 1963. The aircraft had a maximum speed of 375 mph at 25,000 feet, maximum cruising speed of 340 mph at 25,000 feet. The B-377 had a service ceiling above 32,000 feet and a range of 4,200 miles.

Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 16 1/2 inches, Length 13 inches.