Aviatik D1 airplane model WWI

Aviatik D1

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Aviatik D1 airplane model. Developed as a replacement for the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I, the Aviatik D.I biplane was the first fighter built entirely in Austria. Designed by Julius von Berg, it was initially plagued by a number of serious problems. Though lightweight and highly maneuverable, the "Berg" had a nasty habit of shedding its wing fabric and the engine tended to overheat. Austro-Hungarian ace Julius Arigi reported that weak construction resulted in the aircraft losing parts of the tail and/or wings during violent maneuvers and relatively steep dives. After strengthening the aircraft, later models of the D.I provided satisfactory service. In 1918, production of the Aviatik D.II (Series 39) was underway but the war ended before it entered service.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/33. Wingspan 13 1/8 inches, Length 11 1/2 inches.