Apollo NASA desktop model

Apollo Lunar Excursion and Command Module

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NASA Apollo LEM and Command Module model. This stunning Apollo Lunar Excursion and Command Module is an exquisite piece to add to any desk. Built with mahogany wood, this museum-quality model is both beautiful and durable, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your home.

The blunt-end design for the Command Module was chosen to build upon experience gained with the similarly shaped Mercury and Gemini spacecraft. The spacecraft reentered the atmosphere with its protective heat shield facing forward. Layers of special "ablative" material on the shield were purposely allowed to burn away during reentry to help dissipate the extremely high temperatures caused by atmospheric friction.

The NASA "Eagle" made history when it became the first manned object to land on the moon. It carried two astronauts to the moon's surface and returned them to the command module for their return to earth. 

Scale: 1/48. Width 5 3/4 inches, Length 14 inches.