Fedex Airbus 310 model plane

A-310 / Federal Express

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A310 FedEx airplane model. The first flight of the A310 occurred on April 3 1982, after the program was launched in July 1978. Service entry was with Lufthansa in April 1983. Early production A310s did not have the small winglets that became a feature of later build A310-200s and the A310-300. The A310-300 is a longer range development of the base A310-200 and has been in production since 1985. This version can carry a further 7000kg (15,430lb) of fuel in the tailplane.

The A310-200F freighter is available new build or as a conversion of existing aircraft (13 A310s were converted to freighters for Federal Express by Airbus partner Daimler Benz [now DaimlerChrysler] Aerospace Airbus). The A310-200C convertible passenger/freighter first entered service with Dutch operator Martinair in 1984.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/100. Wingspan 17 inches, Length 18 1/2 inches.