Ryanair 737 airplane model

737-800 / Ryanair

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Ryanair 737 airplane model. Be inspired by the elegant design of the Ryanair 737-800 model - a realistic replica of this iconic aircraft, created from only the highest quality materials. Perfect for display in the home or office, this will be a stunning addition to any aviation enthusiast's collection.

Until its launch on September 5, 1994, the 737-800 was known as the 737-400X Stretch. Compared with the -400, the -800 is 3.02m (9ft 9in) longer, taking typical two class seating from 146 to 162, while range is significantly increased. The -800 has sold strongly since its launch, and early 2002 was the highest selling Next Generation model. First flight was on July 31, 1997, first delivery (to Hapag Lloyd) was in April 1998.

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/100. Wingspan 13 1/2 inches, Length 15 1/2 inches.