Spirit of St Louis Lindburg airplane model

Spirit of Saint Louis Lindburg

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Spirt of Saint Louis Charles Lindburg airplane model. By far the best-known Ryan airplane was the one-off Ryan NYP (New York Paris) used by Charles Lindbergh for the first and epic solo west to east nonstop flight across the North Atlantic in 1927. Lindbergh's historic flight of the Ryan NYP, better known by far as the "Spirit of St. Louis", initiated new worldwide interest in aviation. Interestingly, a large capacity fuel tank in the forward fuselage of the airplane eliminated a direct forward view for Charles Lindbergh. The "Spirit of St. Louis" was powered by a 237-hp Wright J-5C Whirlwind radial engine, spanned 46 feet, had a maximum takeoff weight of 5,250 lbs., and had a theoretical maximum range of 4,210 miles.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 17 1/2 inches, Length 17 1/2 inches.