NASA Space Shuttle model

Space Shuttle Orbiter - 1/100

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NASA Space Shuttle display model. The Space Shuttle takes off from Earth as a rocket and maneuvers in orbit as a spacecraft. After reentry into Earth's atmosphere, it is controlled and brought into an unpowered landing in the mode of a conventional fixed-wing airplane. The Shuttle takes off vertically under the power of three Rocketdyne main propulsion engines, each developing 375,000-lb. thrust, plus two Thiokol solid-propellant booster rockets, each producing 2,900,000 lb. thrust, the combined thrust being 3,091.5 tons. Orbital speed of the Shuttle is 17,600 mph, and landing speed is 212 mph.

Mahogany wood. Scale 1/100. Wingspan 9 1/4 inches, length 14 1/2 inches.