RF-4B Phantom VMFP-3 USMC model airplane

RF-4B Phantom / VMFP-3

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RF-4B Phantom VMFP-3 airplane model. Celebrate the Marine Corps with this detailed and intricately crafted RF-4B Phantom mahogany wood model. With unparalleled precision, it's a remarkable keepsake that pays homage to the brave servicemen and women who have served.

The RF-4B was quite similar to the much more numerous RF-4C of the USAF. Like the RF-4C, the RF-4B was unarmed. The fighter's radar-equipped nose was replaced with a special nose specifically designed for reconnaissance applications. This nose was 4 feet 8 7/8 inches longer than the nose of the armed F-4B. The AN/APQ-72 radar of the F-4B was replaced by the much smaller Texas Instruments AN/APQ-99 forward-looking J-band monopulse radar which was optimized for terrain avoidance and terrain-following modes, and could also be used for ground mapping. There were three separate camera bays in the nose, designated Stations 1, 2, and 3. Station 1 could carry a single forward oblique or vertical KS-87 camera, Station 2 could carry a single KA-87 low-altitude camera, and Station 3 normally carried a single KA-55A or KA-91 high-altitude panoramic camera. The much larger KS-91 or KS-127A camera could also be carried. Unlike the cameras of the Air Force's RF-4Cs, the RF-4B's cameras were fitted on rotating mounts so that the pilot could aim them at targets off the flight path.

Mahogany Wood. Scale 1/48. Wingspan 10 inches, Length 15 1/2 inches.