MQ-8B Firescout model airplane

MQ-8B Firescout

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MQ-8B Firescout UAV model. The MQ-8 Fire Scout UAV is being developed to provide the U.S. military with advanced reconnaissance capabilities, situational awareness and precision targeting support. The unmanned aircraft has a maximum payload of 600 pounds, can travel at a maximum speed of about 215 kilometers an hour, and can stay airborne for a total of eight hours at a time. The MQ-8 Fire Scout also has a sensor ball turret that contains electro-optic and infrared cameras, and a laser range finder. The aircrafts controls can be operated by a naval ship at sea or in the back of a military ground vehicle such as a Hummer.

Mahogany wood. Scale: 1/24. Rotorspan 14 inches, Length 12 inches.