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Learjet 45

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Learjet 45 airplane model. The Bombardier (Gates) Learjet 45 corporate jet is rapidly earning a reputation worldwide among both single aircraft and large fleet operators as the preferred aircraft in its class. With some 200 aircraft scheduled to be in service by early 2002, and having recently joined the Bombardier Flexjet fractional program, it combines unsurpassed payload/range capability at any speed with a spacious flat-floor cabin and true double club seating. As a clean-sheet design, the Bombardier Learjet 45 is the only aircraft under 35,000 pounds (15,874 kg) to offer the latest systems software and architecture to minimize pilot and maintenance workload, such as EICAS and enhanced on-board maintenance diagnostics. In this weight class, it is also the only aircraft certified by both the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and has won worldwide acceptance.

Scale: 1/35. Wingspan 19 3/4 inches, Length 16 3/4 inches.