Hawker 850 model airplane

Hawker 850

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Hawker 850 airplane model. The Hawker was originally designed as the DH 125 by de Havilland in 1961. It was acquired by Hawker Siddeley in 1963 and became the HS 125, and later acquired by British Aerospace in 1977 where it was the BAe 125. Then in 1993 Raytheon acquired British Aerospace Corporate Jets Ltd (which became Raytheon Corporate Jets), and they began marketing this aircraft as the Hawker 800. In 1994 Beech Aircraft (which was also controlled by Raytheon) merged with Raytheon Corporate Jets to form Raytheon Aircraft. In March 2007, Raytheon Aircraft Company was sold to Hawker Beechcraft Corp., a company formed and controlled by GS Capital Partners (an affiliate of Goldman Sachs) and Onex Partners of Canada.

The current version is identified as the Hawker 850XP and was certified for operation in March 2006. The 850XP is identical to the 800XP except that it includes winglets which have extended its operating range by 100 nautical miles. This version also incorporates upgraded avionics and a redesigned interior. The Hawker 850XP essentially fills the gap left behind by the Hawker 1000 when production of that aircraft ceased.

Scale: 1/48. Wingspan 13 inches, Length 12 3/4 inches.