FJ-2 Fury USMC airplane model

FJ-2 Fury

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North American FJ-2 Fury airplane model. The first FJ-2 was completed in November 1952. Only seven were built before the end of the Korean War in the summer of 1953. The FJ-2 was equipped in many Marine squadrons, with three on the West Coast and three on the East Coast. The first unit on the East Coast was VMF-122 to get the FJ-2 in the beginning of 1954. VMF-235 was the first on the West Coast in the spring of 1954. The FJ-2 was started to be removed from front line squadron in 1955 and completed by 1957, as there were replaced by the FJ-3 and F-8 Crusader. They operated in the Reserves units to the end of the fifties.

Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 14 1/2 inches, Length 14 inches.