F-15B ACTIVE NASA model airplane


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F-15B ACTIVE NASA airplane model. The F-15 ACTIVE research aircraft, the first two-seat F-15 built by McDonnell Douglas, was used initially for developmental testing and evaluation. In the mid 1980's, the aircraft was extensively modified for the Air Force's Short Takeoff and Landing Maneuvering Technology Demonstrator (S/MTD) program. Those modifications included equipping the aircraft with a digital fly-by-wire control system, canards (modified F-18 horizontal stabilators) ahead of the wings and two-dimensional thrust-vectoring, thrust-reversing nozzles which could redirect engine exhaust either up or down, giving the aircraft greater pitch control and aerodynamic braking capability.

McDonnell Douglas - NASA "ACTIVE" test aircraft

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/48. Wingspan 11 1/4 inches, Length 16 inches.