Cessna Citation Encore

Cessna Citation Encore

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Cessna Citation Encore airplane model. The Citation Encore is another exceptional private jet model from Cessna, following the success of the Citation Ultra. The Encore is known for its versatility, capable of flying long distances, operating on short runways, and carrying substantial loads. Passengers appreciate its comfortable cabin, smooth flight performance, and economical operating costs.

The cabin, accommodating eight passengers in fully reclining seats, extends to seventeen feet and five inches, making it the longest cabin in the light private jet category. The clever use of seamless wall panels, indirect lighting, and mirrors gives the impression of a larger space than its actual 307 cubic feet volume. Cabin amenities are designed to enhance passenger experience, featuring individual flat panel entertainment systems, audio jacks, power outlets, and the MagnaStar 200 radio phone. The newly-designed airstair entryway simplifies boarding, which is particularly beneficial for passengers wearing high heels. For luggage, the Encore offers 43 cubic feet of external storage and an additional 28 cubic feet internally, totaling over 1,400 pounds of baggage capacity.

Scale: 1/40. Wingspan 16 1/2 inches, Length 14 1/2 inches.